About US


  1. Treat people fairly and do the right thing
  2. Understand and cater to the customer’s needs
  3. Be positive, sincere, and have fun
  4. Create opportunities for employees


  • Provide our customers with the highest level of personal service, uncompromised quality and competitive pricing.
  • Treat vendors as we wish to be treated.
  • Do our utmost to help our customers succeed.  Our own success will inevitably follow.
  • Have the most ethical, talented and dedicated associates.
  • Provide our associates with proper training and support.
  • Provide challenges and opportunities for ongoing learning, career growth and job satisfaction.


Our present safety program began in the fall of 1997 and continues to grow and improve each year. Through our efforts we are able to provide our employees with safe working conditions; benefiting both the employees and the company. By employing a full-time safety manager, we have established clear standards, expectations, goals and rewards in regards to safety measures and accident prevention. To ensure the wellbeing of our employees, we have also established a Substance Abuse Policy that includes random drug testing.